Hello, my name is Jeroen and I am from the Netherlands. My goal is to build a DC3 simpit, for now only the 'inside' counts, I'm not planning to build the entire cockpit scale 1:1......yet

'Till now i've got two screens for the gauges, one for the radio stack and one scenery view screen. My pc's are not the fastest in the world, but they do the trick for now.
I'm using two desktop pc's and one laptop, I've got the Saitek proflight yoke, rudders and an extra set of throttles.
Furthermore I've got one Bodnar card and a Simkits 32 input card for the buttons, rotary's, potmeters and switches. I'm using a lowres 10" rear camera screen for my GPS.

As soon as I can, I will upload some pictures and ofcourse I will keep you updated on my progress.