I have a A320 cockpit simulator and I'm currently using only 1 projecteur Panasonic 1080P (I don't remember the exact reference and I'm currently not home) @ 1920 x 1200.

However, I want to get 180 view. I have been looking around on the Internet for a while to get information and I found a software NTHUSIM which seems perfect for what I want to do.

My cockpit is very similar to this one : http://nthusim.com/setup/ivar-hestne...-degree-visual (except mine is an airbus and not a boeing, everything else (size, windows etc) is pretty much the same).

My question therefore is this one: What kind of projectors should I use ? (model, brand)
I'm planning on buying 3 new ones and removing my old one. However, I still want to get high quality display (I don't know if that's possible to get 1920x1200 though, but at least 3x1680x1050). I'll be using Matrox TH2GO

I'm currently having built a curved screen with a 2.7m radius in order to do what I want.

Do you have any advice ? Also, how do you determine the position on which you should fix your projectors ?
And what is the difference between edge blending projectors and non-edge blending ?

When the projector overlaps, does the color have to be "overbright" as I have seen on some setups or can this be corrected ?

Thanks for your help as I haven't been able to find any all this information