Now that I have been looking at some cockpit photos of an Airbus 320's flightdeck, I think I should've done one of those instead of a B737NG! The cockpit looks so CLEAN and EASIER to build for these reasons:

1. The MIP is much cleaner, less cluttered.
2. Uses joysticks instead of yokes! Much cheaper to implement and EASIER, since you don't need to worry about bulky and EXPENSIVE yokes if you are shooting for realism and functionality (dual linked).
3. Since there are no yokes, you end up with a clear view of the MIP and even have something to place a keyboard or whatever you want.
4. The throttle assembly and center console is also so clean and less complicated. The NG throttle, even though it looks beautiful, it's just so complicated with so many moving parts. The A320's looks so easier to make.
5. MIP panels are available from Opencockpits and other suppliers.
6. A320 avionics are also available.

Honestly, I am really looking into switching from a NG cockpit to an A320 one. Here is a pic of where my NG project currently stands and I ask you guys to help me decide if I should make the change.


BTW, this is not the place where my sim will reside. I have almost finished off a 16' x 12' section of my attic for this purpose and that's where my sim will rest.


PS. What A320 Avionics Suites are available for home cockpit builders besides Project Magenta?