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    Project Magenta Interfaces & Hardware -Simple Solutions

    Hi to everyone,

    now, i just want to give a short introduction about another solution to fix/use other hardware than OC or others !.

    This Hardware and Software are very simple to use ! Just connect via USB and load the free Software.

    Afterwards you can use your Devices by Preselects or create by your own. At present you can use a lot and itīs really simple.

    I have already installed the B737 Gear-Indicators and they are working fine. Also you can use a lot of LEDs and 7-Seg.Displ. with

    no effort !. Itīs working with FSUIPC and Offsets !.

    Also itīs possible to use 5V. (3.2V) at the main-Arcaze and at the LEDDriver upt to 15V. !!. They work fine - together !!. Great Solution !!.

    Therefore youīll need a basis Card, means: the Arcaze basis Interface ! For LEDs you can choose btw. Driver2 or 3. Just connect in

    few Seconds and use the preselect-action.

    Thatīs really less money for that nice simple Solution !.

    If you have any Questions about, donīt hesitate to ask !!.

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