Now then guys, I know the word "free" does not crop up everyday, but i have an unique and slightly interesting proposition for one potentially lucky person - but there is a catch...

I have the cockpit section and rear control room from a unique aircraft. It's comes on a big metal base and is the main unit from an ex-MOD training motion flight simulator that is 80% complete (non- functional)

The Sizes are 4.1m wide x 5.0m long x 3.0m height approx. Weight approx 5 tonnes. No this will not fit in your back bedroom, this is a very large piece of equipment but nevertheless a fantastic opportunity. I can tell you this likely to be the only remaining cockpit simulator in existence, with several other full size aircraft on display at museums across England.


If I can find a candidate that can store an item like this, and has the facility and ability to do so, I would be quite happy to 'donate' the flight simulator to them free of charge on the basis the costs involved in transportation are covered, This could be several hundreds of pounds or a few thousands of pounds depending on your location HOWEVER I am only considering candidates in the UK ONLY - sorry guys.

The simulator would continue to be in my possession and we would agree a 'lease' type agreement where you would have the right to use and restore it as you wished for a very long period of time.


> UK Resident
> Storage ability for size
> Interested in aviation
> Can pay transport costs only

If you can satisfy the criteria listed above please do not hesitate to get in touch with me where we can speak in more detail, and i can provide more information.

Best Regards