About 10 years ago, I was lucky enough to have a friend who worked for an airline and who got me into some of their sims. That gave me a bunch of ideas that I want to adapt to the generic simpit I'm planning to build. One of them was that the displays were not flush with the cockpit "windows," but were mounted back a bit (of course, their displays were a projector system, whereas mine will be LCD screens). Because of this, when you moved your head around in the cockpit, the external view "moved" with you (like when you lean to the side using a TrackIR).

So I want to do this in my pit. The plan is to have monitors which are larger than the window openings, so that some of the scene displayed on the monitors is hidden by the window frame until you move your head a bit.

I was wondering if anyone else has done this, and if so, if you have any tips. I'm specifically trying to figure out how to eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, the possibility that I will see monitor bezel when doing this.

I'd like to do a projector setup, but I don't have the space. I've got about a 7x10' area to build in.

Any comments?