Hello, I would like to introduce myself. i live in Sydney Australia. My name is Muzza.. i run many businesses.

I placed an ad on Gumtree and got nothing about finding a project manager for a Sim project.

I have a brilliant business idea about sims, that is a bit outside the square, I have some good marketing background and i believe the business would be a good return on investment, even after 1 year.

I have some money to make it happen, the property - selling skills - software - a method of building the cockpit - I need someone local to fill in the gaps (im sure there are many)
Scenery - Best Hardware to make it realsitic without blowing the budget -getting all the the quadrants together along with projectors - screens...

I cant go into too much details here about the unique selling points because one competitor is already asking questions about me, and what I am up to.

If you have time / and a small amount to invest with me, I would offer partnership with a view to share rights to a franchise model for other locations as well as a fair dinkum 50/50 split on a great lil earner.