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    Phidget Rotary Encoders+I/O on eBay (sets of 2 items)

    The set contains 2 pieces of P/N1052 (Rotary Encoders + I/O Cards)
    i'm selling both as one item.

    Product Description

    The PhidgetEncoder is intended to be used as a human interface, not as a device to measure shaft speed of motors or pulleys. If you are looking for an encoder to measure shaft speed, have a look at the1057 PhidgetEncoder HighSpeed.The PhidgetEncoder uses a two-bit mechanical encoder with a built-in momentary-action pushbutton switch. It returns 80 counts for 360 degrees of rotation.With it you can:
    • Detect changes in incremental and absolute position
    • Easily track these changes with respect to time.

    Product Specifications

    Electrical Properties
    Count Rate Max 80 cycles/s
    Current Consumption Max 20 mA
    USB Speed Low Speed

    Physical Properties
    Operating Temperature Min 0 C
    Operating Temperature Max 70 C

    More information about the encoder at
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