Hi eyerybody,

my old PC running FS 2004 will be replaced hopefully in the near future.
I am planning a surround view using 5 windows. As you all know, this will reduce frame rates immensely. So I am looking for the best hardware configuration available at the moment to achieve reasonable results, i.e. frame rates above 20 per second in a standardized environment using Aerosoft Frankfurt X airport or comparable scenery add-on, Active Sky or comparable add-on and mesh scenery like ultimate terrain.
Can you give me directions as to where I can find something on this topic? Can you share some experience with your hardware configurations, please?
For example, I am looking for something like this (done on my laptop computer running win7 64 bit, with a rather low AMD graphics card and a rather low CPU):

Framegröße 1.jpg
As you can see, my test system gives me only around 5 to 7 frames per second with 4 to 5 windows.

Thanks for your advice in advance.