I just spent the last week trying to connect my elevator trim switch to my Bodnar board for elevator trim up and down operation.

I initially had the 'elev down' inputs connected to B9 and the elev up inputs to B10. Although they would somewhat be recognized through the 'buttons and switches' menu of FSUIPC. I found that when i selected the switch to the 'up' or 'down' trim position, the joystick number would 'register' in the FSUIPC window but once the button was released the window would indicate a different joystick number..

For example, select the trim switch to 'trim down' and the joystick number would come up as '9'. Once the switch was released the number would change to '8'.

Interestingly enough, the check boxes and drop down window to assign said switch would only remain available if i held the switch in the appropriate up or down positon.

After much fuss investigating the mechanical side of the switch, i found that by moving the Bodnar connection wires to another location on the board....namely more towards the middle and away from the ends, the trim connected up and worked perfectly, with not modification of the trim switch or wires!

I would consider this to be a hardware fault (?) or is there something up with this board when trying to connect switches and buttons using the very end push down connections....these connections being B9, B8, B32 and 'X'.

I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has had similar problems.

Finally, i have come to realize you that the bodnar board will only accept 6 inputs for potentiometer???? if that is the case then why are there 8 slots!

Finally...is the Ardinio board product similar to the Bu0836X...?