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    Mirror segment...

    Long time, no update.

    Here's what a single 60 degree segment looks like (3 are required to build a complete mirror frame)


    The ribs are about 47.5" high and about 19" deep.

    The turquoise colored top and bottom components are where the mask material is attached and is about 2.25" thick (three .75" layers of plywood laminated together).

    The white parts are mounting ledges for the backing material that isn't shown - the three empty cells formed by the ribs will be sheeted from the back with "web" of 3/16" hardboard. There are two parts not drawn yet that will form the attachment points above and below to match the sides - the web is just a conical section, forced into shape against those attach points with screws & glue.

    The curve defined by the rib is 1" larger than than the optimal mirror shape. If the Mylar touches the rib, you've drawn down too far (and probably ruined the Mylar in the process )

    This new design reduces the interior air volume by probably 90% or more. It also greatly reduces the material requirements for the mirror support framework.

    Here's the rib in profile:


    The actual air volume behind the Mylar is defined by the area to the right of the white support component.
    The original design's air volume was pretty much the entire area defined by the rib shape in its entirety.

    I've not made nearly the amount of progress as I'd like, but it could be worse.

    I don't recall if I've mentioned this before, but I will NOT be building prototypes for the Cessna or 7n7 sized displays. I don't want to dedicate the space they'll take up, nor do I have the resources to build them.

    This means router-wielding guinea pigs will be chosen.

    I WILL be writing up an assembly manual however. Once the other designs are completed, I'm going to revisit the original design that Wayne & I built - the revision will result in the same size system, but will use parts identical in shape & geometry as the larger designs. One manual will then be able to cover all three designs without a problem. I'll be building the revised design for my own use and the manual will grow out of that process. (this is the same method I used when writing that 200pp monster on building the Series One cockpit).

    Questions? Comments? Rocks? *ducks*


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    Re: Mirror segment...

    I hope the end result is to commercialize this so that I can buy one with the mylar and all other necessary parts, and construct one as easily as an ikea cabinet without any hassles!