Here are some pics of my 146 control yoke. The control column is real, cut off at the bottom. I have had to design a wooden yoke support to breath it back to life. I have wooden dowels that provide the back and forth support and smooth operation.

The dowel in question are 2 inches in diameter and are inserted in about 1/2 inch. I lubricated them with paraffin wax, so i should get quite a few cycles out of them before they get 'sloppy'.

I haven't figured out how to simulate artificial feel for the elevator initial plan was to use a shock strut or bungee cords of some sort...but i will figure something out.

there is a small description with every pic if interested. Not sure if you can read the text when you double click on the pic, but its there if you browse the small jpeg size.

The Yoke support is not finished yet, still some structure and cosmetic work to do....