I need a good and simple electoniccard for my own built fsx panel, my components are:
2-way switch, on/off 30x
3-way switch, on/off 10x
3-way switch, on/off/mom 1x
Rotary encorders, 8-steps
Rotary pot 11x

I will use the card as a normal joystic card or to FSUIPC, the best is as a Joystick card!

I have look for Phidgets, Arduino or Leobodnar but what could I go for?

I do prefer the Leobodnar card and accept from the switches, Leobodnar has pot and encorders!

If I am useing all the 32 inputs can I use 16 rotary encorders in the same time?

Where can I buy knob for the pots and for rotary encorders?

Best Fredrik