You may of noticed a recent SPAM attack within the BLOGS. This caused us to go into prevention mode... as always at the cost of our members/users. The following is a quote from our policy statement regarding postings:

The following (a and b) is for the purpose of SPAM attack prevention:

a) If you are a "NEW" member to, your first 10 posts which INCLUDES a link will be put in "Moderation." Please give us time to review your post.

b) Regarding BLOG postings and if you are a "NEW" member to, prior to be able to post in your BLOG, it is required to have at least 10 posts in the forum.
As you may be aware, we use a plugin that screens all new user using an international database. For the past 1 1/2 years we've been using a free database service. I've decided in addition to our free service I've subscribed to pay service. Well worth it for only $59 a year with double the screening.

Hopefully between the addition to the rules regarding Blog postings (10 forum post required before BLOG posting is available), and the additional spam database for screening of new users will lower the SPAMMER incidents.

Matt Olieman