I need some feedback on my idea for a cockpit for the Ifly Pro. I have asked this question in the Ifly forum, but have not had much help in setting this up.

I will use 2 computers over a network and am a little unsure if what I am attempting to do is workable.

Computer #1 - main computer with 40" TV monitor - outside view
I7 2600K cpu
Asus Mobo P8Z68
2 x 4 GB memory
GTX 570 gpu
This computer will have win 7 and FSX, REX, UTX, Addon Airports, Active Sky, FSBuild and AES

Computer # 2
i5 3570K cpu
Asus Mobo P8Z68
2 x 4 Gb memory
2 x GTS 450 gpu's

This computer will run all gauges - Ifly Pro, PFD/ND, Standby/EICAS, Lower EICAS, CDU, Overhead, Avionics. With 2 gpu's I can use the Triplehead2Go for 3 monitors and the remaining 3 DVI outlets for 3 other monitors.

This is the plan. Or should I include the Airports, REX, Active Sky, UTX etc. on the # 2 computer? Any advice or suggestions most welcome. I'm a newbie at this so need all help I can get. I am going to be using the Jetmax package. Computer1 & 2 will be networked via ethernet. Basically the 2 computers will be dedicated to flight sim.