With iFly's 737NG in my FSX (Gold Edition) i have a problem with missing some aircraft's textures, when battery is off in cold and dark situation.

I tryed to solve the problem by deleting modified fsx.cfg and let fsx re-build it and by installing latest fresh Nvidia drivers with all defaults. As i had the same problem with default fsx.cfg i also tryed with modified fsx.cfg from Bejote's tweak site, with no success.

The 2 picture below, with and without the battery.



I don't have any other problem with my FSX setup or any other add-on, so i need your help to solve the problem. Of course unistall the FSX and re-install it is not an option, i will prefer to live with the problem, than to spend 1-2 weeks for install all the FSX, Sceneries, Aircrafts and add-ons again.

My system based on i7 Intel 930 overclocked at 4Ghz with latest Nvidia drivers fro GTX480 and 6Gb Ram DD3 triple channel.

Thanks for any idea you may have