I have owned a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke for awhile now, and never noticed this little glitch. Behind where the POV hat is, there is a little red button ,( I believe it is marked E). I have never used this button, but since I want to get into PilotEdge and the like, I thought this would be a great button for a PTT switch.

Here is my issue:

ITS NOT THERE!! I looked in the Game Controller screen (that screen that shows all the axis and buttons), and every one of the buttons is accounted for on that screen. Took the Yoke apart, it is wired into the board. So, software wise, the button doesn't exist. Physically it is wired and hooked up. Anyone know what the deal is? Do I have a defective yoke? Its WAY out of warantee for replacement. I updated the drivers from Saitek, and still no use.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

Thanx in advance.

Excuse the rambling.