Hello guys!

My name is Brandon Walker. I'm pretty new to this kind of stuff, but I signed up to see if anyone would be willing to help me. I've been working on a pit design for almost 2 years, but it didn't come out how I would like it to be. My new project I'm planning on working on is an L-39C pit. It would be cool to build a wooden, or whatever I can use to make an L-39C pit.

I'm part of a Virtual Flight Team called the Virtual Black Diamond Jet Team flying the L-39 albatros as flight lead on the simulator "Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2. http://www.facebook.com/VirtualBlackDiamondJetTeam

I'm looking for a cheap way, but good way to build a great pit. I'm looking either for blue prints of an idea, or examples on how to build one. I have been searching the web for a while and I cannot find any great ideas.

Hope someone can help. -Brandon