Hi for all !

I have signed a special Facebook account (Cockpit NG Simulation) to post all my sim project progress in it and I want to share with all of you guys that uses facebook.
Using this way, all that wants, will be able to follow each update posted of my 737NG sim. Only after you ad it as your friend, you will be able to see all my photo albums posted since I have started this project.

I have choosed that because it is very easy and quick to publish pictures literally "on the fly" or better, when I am flying enjoying some routes.
The idea is to publish some pictures of my flights like aproaching, weather formations, airport traffic spots while taxing or anything else interesting while flying.

So, feel free to "add as friend" using this link below or searching in facebook engine for "Cockpit NG Simulation"


Regards for all !!!

Carlos Hermida