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Thread: Wilco A320 interface and variables recovery

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    Microsoft FSX Wilco A320 interface and variables recovery

    Hello everybody;

    and thank for this exciting forum !

    I've in mind to develop my own cockpit solution.. it's more simple to buy it directly, but I really would like to "know what it's behind" and as i like to do by myself, it's an interresting challenge.

    In order to interact with FSX, I connect my hardware to fsX through Simconnect, unfortunately, some variables of the A320 software I use (Wilco-feelthere A320) are not managed by simconnect (i.e : the braking level, batteries voltage,...)

    Someone knows if it's possible to interact with the A320 wilco (basically the dll I assume) in order to recover the switch position, the values, the lights status,.... ?

    Someone knows some tips to recover those informations, and also send actions to the software ?

    thanks for your precious help !


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    Re: Wilco A320 interface and variables recovery

    If you want to interact with the Wilco Airbus then you need this Tool (FSUIPC Exporter):
    The Wilco Airbus operates mostly with internal Variables and less with Offsets. You need this tool which maped the internal variables to Offsets. But there are alternatives to the Wilco Airbus. eg:

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