Hi guys, have been dormant for a while but lurking here again.

Just thought I would mention that a friend of mine said he was taking his old rear projection TV to the tip, as it was beyond economical repair..... Not surprising these days.

Well first thing I thought of was the first surface mirror or front surface mirror on the inside of the unit, as I had never opened up one of these TV's before I was not sure how big the mirror was.

The mirror in this thing is almost as big as the screen itself, which by the way the screen is actually freznel lense, also there were 3 very interesting lenses in the projection system itself.

I am currently experimenting to build a HUD, so now I have some good bits to play with for free, the first surface mirror alone was well worth taking it apart for. I will just use a glass cutter & trim the mirror to the size I need, should have plenty left over if I make mistake cutting it.

Hope that this might help someone out, as I am not sure if it has been mentioned before, I have read many posts of people asking where to get first surface mirrors from, well now I have found a cheap source.

Cheers Glenn.