Hello all Builders,
I'm posting this to see if there are any cockpit builders in southeast michigan. I started a cockpit build back in 2011 and have completed the structure mock-up of a 1940 Grumman Goose. This pit is situated in a 11'x11' spare room with a curved 180 degree screen while running 3 short throw projectors on a single pc matrox th2go. I am in need of anyone in or around michigan that may have knowledge on how the immersive lite2 display is set up to work with x-plane 9!
I purchased fly elise lite2 immersive software to warp and edge blend and have registered that product but am having trouble getting it to load into the x plane game. I have studied the pdf file for the immersive display, I have also figured out how the warping and edge blending works but am having no success getting the software to load into x-plane. Can anyone help out there? I would throw in gas money or free beer for their time.

Thanx in advance.