Hi Guys.

After more years than i remember of flightsimming in the 737NG, im going to bit the bullet and start building!

I want to start simple, at the moment i just use FS9/iFly737/Saitek Yoke/Saitek Pedals/Saitek Throttle with custom 737 throttle handles.

I now want more!!!

Ive been on the internet hunting and want some easy "plug and play" via usb to begin with. I have no knowledge, but will learn how to use FSUIPC and am after the following.

New Yoke - http://www.737yoke.com/products.php
Throttle- http://www.simquads.com/view-our-pro....html?sef=hcfp

MCP- http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/...ml?cPath=22_61

FMC- http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/...ml?cPath=22_61

Does anyone know of anything better than what i've found? Like i said, to begin with, it has to be simple as im still using TRACKIR for everything else....