Hi all

I have been busy building a MPC panel for a 737...I have made and tested the required FSBus boards which all seem to work with the fsadmin.

Ok so I have a 6 position rotary switch for the bank angle...(as the switch itself has the position indicator on the knob so a rotary encoder cant be used)

How do I set this knob up so that each absolute position represents and selects, in FSX, the indicated bank angle ?

I am assuming this is possible as a pdf from fsbus shows how to adapt these switches ) I don't mean the other pdf that shows converting a rotary switch to an encoder).

As an aside my project was to build a fully functional 737 mcp for less than half the cost of commercial ones ... apart from the mess ups I am quite near my target and without doing the maths I think that probably includes the fsbus stuff.

If it all ends up working out I will happily share the "how I did it"