I'm in Adelaide Sth Australia, and am currently in the planning stages
of building a cockpit. I keep reading the importance of taking your
time in the planning, and make damn sure you know what you want.
Well, my plan was to build a Cirrus / Corvalis style cockpit, since
I've not see one done, and I love the aircraft. However my heart
lies deep in the Jets n the only reason I don't go that way is money.

So, I'm at a decision point, and was wondering if there's any Aussies
here who have a nice Pit I could come look at, particularly a really
nice Jet pit.

The Cirrus style I could do within the year, a Jet would take alot longer,
so I'm thinkig... maybe a little prod like a visit to a really nice 737-800 NG
or some other nice jet might just be enought to carry me through such
a long build as a Lear or 737.

Any offers?

I've been into FS **** since the first Flight Sim ever (SubLogics green wireframe single tiny world -
which Microsoft bought out n became MFS). I have 40 hours in real life but no more money lol.