Hi all,
After two years of my sim being dismantled and practically no sim flying at all, I decided to do something about it! I have made or collected most parts for the B737 now and I'm getting back to work on it. I made this flightsim chair as a push on until my Boeing is flying again. It has wheels on the steel frame behind the seat so it can be wheeled up to the TV, I have my sim PC hooked up to a 46" Sony Bravia and it is plug'n'play. My 737 in its old guise was a PMDG/FS9 set up so for the first time I am using FSX which is really great, I know I'm four years late but I've always known it would be a good upgrade.
The racecar seat is bolted to a tubular steel frame with the Saitek controllers which are superb. The throttle and joystick are on posts with locking screws. When the screws are loosened the throttle and joystick swing forward and together so the sim can be easily wheeled through a doorway. I still have to make a keyboard support stand and obviously the beer holder of course but it works great and I'm having a fly again. Now it's back to the new 737TQ....more soon.

Cheers Gwyn
Aerosim Solutions