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Thread: İs this possible ?

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    İs this possible ?

    Hi, I'm decision making for lcd displays..Is it possible to like the image of a combination. ( sorry for picture )

    one 2x40 character display
    one toggle or other switch
    two set encoder (for mcp & radios )


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    Re: İs this possible ?

    Hi Rash ,,

    Of course it can be done ,, it's only a matter of coding to suit.

    Now this thread ,,,, I'm trying to keep the thread names and activity in some sort of manner so it is easy for some-one to research a particular problem or interest.
    Headers like "Is this possible" ,, "look at this" ,,etc etc just crowd the thread list with rubbish and then no-one looks over the other informative threads when they research something.

    This "general" question should have been asked in the "Just chat" thread ,,, that's what it's for.

    This thread "Is this possible" is now locked and will be deleted in a couple of days.

    Edit ,,,,

    Ok,, so maybe I over-reacted here ,,, I've unlocked the thread so chat can continue if need be but as the threads header is non-descript ,, it will sooner or later be deleted.

    Rash ,, what you described is very similar to a project coming up shortly. (A multipurpose head)
    All this and Liz still loves me ! !

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    Re: İs this possible ?

    I dont think this is even difficult. use the opencockpits usd lcd card to drive this lcd display. the text you send to the display is up to you.
    connect the rotaries to the opencockpits mastercard and SIOC gives you the power to program whatever you want with the encoders and the switch to change the function. You can even use a 12 pos rotary switch and you can use this panel for 12 diferent functions.
    The powers comes form the scripting language which lets you do almost anything
    greetz Peter