I built my system about 2 yrs back now but I've been out the loop for about 15 months now and need a bit of advice on which road to take now...

My current rig is as follows...

CPU: E8400 (stock 3ghz)
RAM: 8Gb Kingston hyper 1066 DDR2 dualchannel
GFX: BFG GTX 260 OC2 maxcore (216) just underperforms a gtx 280 on benchmarks
PSU: OCZ 700w
Article coller 7 pro
Window 7 64bit ultimate sp2

So the first question is how will I fair running A10/FSX..??

Am I best to ditch this and rebuild or am I best OC'in the nuts off the e8400 to say 4ghz? And is my 260 maxcore now to weak?

In the near future I'm hoping to run 3x 37" hdtv's on tripleheade2go and guessing my 260 just doesn't have the guts for that and I'm not sure on the CPU either when I go 3x...

So what's your guys opinion? Any help is much apritiated

Thx in advance Gizzmo