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    Lekseecon variables

    After a stop of more then 2 years I am back to my home cockpit panel and lekseecon. I have noticed that the library has been greatly improved and that Nico wrote a very useful set of instructions in his web site. I wish to congratulate him once more for his great work!

    I have a few question regarding lekseecon variables:

    • lekseecon supports flap handle position but not the actual position of flaps so that using lekseecon we can show the position of the handle but we have to get the position of the flaps from FSUIPC
    • G/S INHIBIT seems to be missed (bot the output and the inhibit button)
    • annunciators in the main panel are also not implemented (this I guess have to be implemnted by reading some set of FSUIPC variables and apply the right heuristic)
    • getting the position of the parking brake and putting it into the lekseecon variable must also be done writing few lines of SIOC code; this is not a big deal of course but I wonder why this is not done automatically and transparently to the user (I am pretty sure that there is a very good reason of course)

    I am probably missing something important here... For example the position of the flaps could be returned in a lekseecon variable making the life of a cockpit builder much easier. IMO the great advantage of Nico's library is that it makes our life easier leaving us more time to build the hardware instead of coding long SIOC programs. In this sense every translation of FSUIPC offsets into easy-to-use lekseecon variables would be a great improvement.

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    Re: Lekseecon variables

    Hi weyes,

    Thank you for your feedback and your kind words!

    Quote Originally Posted by weyes View Post
    I am probably missing something important here....
    The reason that these 'things' are missing in lekseecon is simply because the Level-D SDK does not support it. Lekseecon "only" translates the SDK to SIOC variables and/or FSUIPC offsets, with some extra functionalty such as cold and dark and lights tests.

    Ofcourse I could have add variables representing FSUIPC offsets, but you can use these FSUIPC offsets directly in a SIOC program too. There's no need to put them in lekseecon.

    Keep in mind that good programs are focussed programs. They perform a specific task (well). They do their job always, and without crashing...

    With "Swiss army knife" type programs it is more difficult to deliver quality...

    So I will not add these FSUIPC type variables.

    BTW: you can find the SIOC code for a flap position indicator in the cockpit767 folder of the lekseecon package.

    best regards,
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