A few months ago I started with some plans to make my own 737 home cockpit. After lots of research and making a financial plan I actually started. Because I'm all new to this and realized I was going to face a lot of work and SIOC-coding I decided to buy OC's MCP panel, I found the SIOC code on their website and once it arrives it all worked well and within a few minutes I was flying in FSX with my new MCP! But the MCP is just one little piece..

At this moment I want to buy a MIP-kit from Simworld (http://www.simworld.pl/shop/product_...products_id=31) for the captain Side and the center panel, both with the frame for easy and good looking assembling. I also order all electronics and annunciators. But now is my question, how do I wire the whole MIP up? Should I use SIOC and what electronics cards do I need?

If somebody could help me out, I would be really thankful!