Hi, just after the update at CDU492 and AIRAC 1112 from Navigraph, i have a big problem to input the sid (with DEP/ARR) for example for LIRN airport. The scenery is as follow: after inserted the Rwy in use and the DELER7A procedure (LIRN Airport), in Transition appear a ď@1000″ andÖ ok i can stay in life with this, but the thing that i donít like is that i canít insert the AIRWAYS in RTE anymore in fact all waypoints exit in DIRECT mode while before (many release ago) was working fine. Also i tried to do one fresh installation with the AIRAC that CDU Setup provide but the result is the same. Whatís up ? the airways donít work anymore or i missed something in the meantime ?
There is someone that can let me know something about it because in this way the CDU for me is unserviceable.
Also i wrote this same mail in website Project Magenta support ticket 3 days ago but until now no reply. Because of this i ask at all of you that know something about it.
Thanks in advance.

Giuseppe Reda