Hi there!

I just want to grab this moment to introduce myself and my project. My name ist Christian, I'm 31 years young and I'm living in Berlin, Germany. I'm into flightsim since FS5.1. My occupation is air traffic controller at the German Armed Forces.

Early beginning of 2000 I started my first project, an A320. Due to several reasons I rejected this project at 2006.

Now I start over and I'm back with my new project - an advanced single seat generic cockpit for FSX, or to make it a short one: AgCFSX It is inspired by the 737NG series but it will be flexible enough to carry various aircraft types within FSX.

Website is launched, so please check http://www.gc-fsx.de

The site is in german but I will add pics and stuff soon to visualize the project also to non-german natives

At the moment I'm constructing the pedestal layout. I finished the parking brake a few days ago. Standby for pictures...

Regards to all fellow builders here, I'm looking forward to nice talks and related conversations!