Hi guys!

I actually got a MCDU for a A320 from the company WICAT. As I searched google, it looks like the company does not exist any more.
Hereīs my problem:
To get the MCDU running for FMS Operations, there is a specific Software what I did not get.
So I started to write a program in VB2005 to write all the data needed to the display. I also do not have any documents upon this device, so everything I found out was collected with a data analyzer. It functions pretty well, except the fact, that I do not have any possibility to write data to the scratchpad.

Here is my question:
Does anybody know something about these WICAT devices, or does anybody have an idea where to get further documentation or information? Couldnīt find something in google.
It would be really great if someone could help me!!

Nice greetings from vienna