Hello everyone,

Iīm hoping to find some help here for a problem Iīm stuck with.

I bought an A320 FCU from CPFlight.
Iīm running Wilco Airbus Evolution, WIn 7 64, FSIUPC 3.9a.

WIndows 7 installed itīs own driver when connecting the FCU and the FCU works with the test program downloadable from the manufacturer. So I assume all is well hardware and driver wise.
Thatīs what CPflight told me -> not there problem but an interface problem.
(however they claim on there website the hardware if fully compatible with wilco)

I then loaded the demo version of the interface software from feelthere.

The FCU stays completely dark - no way to get it work.

I know most of you guy run magenta or the like but maybe Iīm lucky…

Thankīs in advance