While I continue to work on my Cessna 172 fuselage build out, which is going way too slow, I keep my sanity by logging hours on my desk top sim pit which is a combination of Saitek gear, CH Products, and DIY.

Several months ago I purchased a Saitek Radio module and found to things I didn't like about it but eventually become accustom to because it was still easier than playing with a mouse on the screen: 1. The rotary encoders are crappy and and tend to skip around a little making tuning a specific freq occasionally frustrating; and 2. When I change the left hand knob to switch what is being displayed on one of the displays it often scrambles the frequencies being displayed. A quick tap (2 actually) of the standby button (or any other change for that matter) and all returns to normal.

I called Saitek about this and they said it was a defective unit and I should return it. At the time I made the bad decision not to.

Recently, being too thick headed to learn from the first experience, I purchased the Saitek Auto-Pilot module. I fired it up and it seemed to work reasonable well until I turned that knob on the left to allow me to dial in a different setting. Just like the rasio module, the display scrambled. And just as with the radio, touching any other function following that causes the display to return to normal.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so is there a fix? Have a really received two defective Saitek devises in a row?

I really dislike using the mouse on the on screen controls, but this is making that seem more pleasant. I can't wait to have my 172 pit up and running. It will for sure be Saitek free!