Finally I decided to make a start with a half Boeing 737 cockpit setup.... Very willing to order but like to have expert opinions on it before ordering.

Software: Prosim737 (requirement)
Hardware: 2600K at 5 Ghz with GTX580 and TH2GO (already running)
View: probably 3x 27" hopefully running at 5760 x 1080 do stands for 3x 27"excist??

Cockpit: (please advise on this!, I have no electronic knowledge only IT)

Overhead: Polydragonet selfbuild (friend a mine will build)

MIP: Captainside and Middle Engravity (already bought (new) secondhand, willing to change if any good reasons exist) not implemented or so.

Standbye instruments: probably speed. horizon, altimeter. flightillusion?

1x 18.5 PFD and ND and 10.4 EICAS UPPER

CDU: Engravity or opencockpits ? Both seem to work wih prosim

MCP: curently: MCP en EFIS Cpflight ELversion (orange digits)

Yoke: currently: Saitek, looking for good 737 yoke price/quality

Pedestel: CP FLIGHT? easy to connect to MCP/EFIS

Interface boards: 2x Phidget64LED and 3x Pokeys Ethernetversion for everything. is this enough???

Throttle: not sure if I will regret motorless so thinking about motorized.

Any advice greatly appreciated! Allthough I know it can be fun building...I spend to many time/years tuning my fsx pc hardware that I like to "smart" invest with a good price/quality so that I will have more time flying!