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    Hello from Montreal and questions ...

    Hi, Here are Benoit (the father) and Mark (15) from Montreal, QC, Canada. We have decided to start a family project with a beech 95 G1000. We are still in the planning phase and we are looking for advice.

    From a strategic perspective, my wife agrees and we have already reserved a room in our basement for it.

    On my side, I am private pilot and created a web site Avialogs , with a few documents about aviation.

    About the choice of the plane :

    - We want it the result the more close possible to reality.
    - Glass cockpit seems to be a better choice (less gauge... less cost ?) , it is right or no ?
    - It must be a twin piston engine (I want to practice on it)
    - Which flight sim ? Xplane or Flight simulator X ?

    One time everything will be decided, we will start to draw plan and build the frame.

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