Hello all,

I am not aware if many of you have heard of this before, so forgive me if this is old news. I was surfing and discovered a site where a simpit builder designed his own custom cockpit parts ( fire handles, trim and flaps handles) from plumbers putty. I think it is called pro poxy-20. Anyway, it motivated me to take a trip to the nearest hardware store and find out if they sold plumbers putty. It comes in a tube with a different color core. It has the same consistency as clay but is more sticky. Once you begin to knead it like dough it starts to warm and begins to harden (3-5 minutes working time). You can shape it to any (ANY!) shape that you want. Then you can sand, paint, and drill it. I have made custom 737 throttle handles for a saitek quadrant and the result was much better than expected (even without sanding). Anyway I will not take the credit for this. All credit goes to this person :http://www.excitingsimulations.com/cockpit/tricks.htm . I hope I contributed to a community that has provided me with much insight. Thank you.