Well let's try again as the forum lost my original long post
I have been flying sims for about six months and started with quite a few Go Flight modules which are fairly inexpensive and good value for money. I also have a 32" Samsung 1080p monitor.
I want to move on a little bit more so will be replacing my TQ with one from VRAircraft (if I can get information out of them. I don't want to go the 737NG route as this would involve too much equipment and if I didn't make it look realistic I wouldn't be happy. So I'm thinking of the Learjet Mustang as it doesn't have an overhead panel and the dashboard is quite clean and simple.
Here's a diagram of the dashboard. You can see that it has a 10" PFD and a 15" MFD (I'm not going to install the FO panel but will incorporate my two GF COM and NAV radios along with XPDR. The three gauges at the top are the standby units and I can install an EICS and MCP where shown under the glare shield.

Here are my questions:
  1. I think I can get a 16" LCD display in back to cover the PFD and MFD (I will probably get gauges from Flight Illusions for the SB gauges). How does one mount the display to the back?
  2. Where can I get the 10" and 15" bezel surrounds?
  3. I am a retired engineer and am competent at AutoCAD so if I produce a drawing of the dashboard what companies can laser cut it?
  4. How can I backlight the knobs and buttons?
  5. I assume that the EIFS will control the 15" MFD as this display on the Mustang can show EICAS as well as a Garmin 1000. Are the buttons on the EIFS programmable (in FSUIPC) or do I need to buy a Garmin 1000 software panel?

Lots of questions I know but I have to start planning.
Many thanks