Hello fellow aircraft nuts. I have been flight simming for over twenty years. Had everything from Jet back in 1986 on a Tandy 8088 up to FSX on a AMD dual core 3g phenom with 8g of ram and another 1g on vid. Been collecting real aircraft parts and pilot gear for same amount of time. Have sold some to make more money for my habit. I have owned a real Aces II seat ejected from F16 in Florida and a Phantom MB mk7 seat that was complete. Both of these I sold. I still have an Escapac seat from an A7E. I am in process of building a cockpit that will hopefully resemble an F/A18 C. Have owned almost every Thrustmaster stick and hotas setup built. Currently flying with the warthog and cougar. I wish Thrustmaster would come out with a grip for my Warthog that resembles the F18 grip and MFD's that resemble same. Will post some pics soon of my pit.