Well...I have a success story. A small one, but a success story none-the-less.

I have completed the COM1 freq display (beta) by using (4) seven segment LED blocks and Charlie-plexing the anodes; therefore, I am only using only 11 outputs to drive the entire COM1 display (...add another output to drive the leading MHZ "1" and trailing KHZ "0" and decimal pt). I am also using (4) inputs to increase/decrease the MHZ/KHZ freq according to the B737 display. I estimate I will be able to use COM1&2 and NAV1&2 on a single 2560 bd using a 5ms loop for an undetectable flicker rate and little bleed to the unlit segments - leaving room to use the analog inputs if I need.

My problem will arise when I incorporate the rotary encoders; Since the loop will already be at 5ms, I believe I will need to use my second 2560 to handle the encoders and xmit data to the other 2560 "LED COM/NAV" display bd to prevent loop lag generated by the encoder read/translation.

I admit that I am a novice. If I am on the wrong track, please do hesitate to offer alternatives.