Hi everybody!

I just found this machine:


XYZ Working Stroke: 250mm*300mm*45mm

Maximum Width of Workpiece : 340mm

Maximum Height of Workpiece : 70mm

Stroke of(Z) spindle motor: 45mm

Lead Screw Rolling lead screw with automatic clearance elimination

Spindle Motor : Series Machine

Speed of Cutting Feed: 150-2400mm/m

Speed of spindle motor : 6000-22000r/m

Power of spindle motor : 300w

Pace Length : 0.01mm/step

Repeatable Precision : 0.02mm

Diameter of Cutter : Φ3.175Φ4Φ6

Power Supply: AC-220V, 50~60HZ

Selected Parts Round Fixture

looks like this:

They say it cost 2500 $ when new - what would be a good price for it? less than 1000?