Hi Dimitris ,, Well good news ,, I finally got a good run at those bugs and I think I have them all sorted.
The black windows,,, The missed codes at startup ,, the occasional missed code during running.

Hopefully the bugs are all fixed now and tonight I uploaded the version 3 beta. You will have to go back to my page and download it again. (I havent yet updated the actual page, but the download is the new beta 3 download)

There are other things I want to include (ie ,,, a LOT of switchs that are actually on at start-up etc) but general improvements can wait until what is out there is "solid" and trouble free.

You are now an "offical" beta tester
So give it heaps and let me know if there is any thing I may have missed.

Sorry for delay ,, Ive had a heck of a week at work with 12 hour day so not much time for tinkering.
After Friday its back to normal though.
Keep at it Dimitris ,,, Jim