HI Clive,

Yes, you must ask for an update of the Revolution Sim Products Script or
driver which implements this effect that you have founded.

In this way, your throttle will also work with PMSystems.

Un saludo,

JuanMa Gutiérrez
Sismo Soluciones, S.L.

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Hi JuanMa

I just discovered something while experimenting with PM Systems .....
I can get the blue engine and spur valve lights to function in the
overhead if I use the software engine cut off valves using a mouse to
switch them on and off.
My hardware engine cut off valves on my Revolution Sim Products
throttle are recognised by PM Glass cockpit and function OK but are
not seen by PM Systems.
Do you know what I need to do to get PM Systems to recognise the
hardware engine cut off levers??


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