Hello again.

Just lately, I notice that my GoFlight auto pilot and GF45 module switch off for no apparent reason? Everything goes back to normal (on again) if I press 'reset' to reset the flight - but this is most inconvenient. I have a 7 port Belkin usb hub, but it's been around for some time, and I am wondering if it could be faulty - given that the units are usb driven? Sometimes only one module goes off - sometimes both!

I have also noticed that the on board GPS can lose it's data leaving a black screen but strangely retaining the grey frame that normally surrounds the GPS information etc?

My instruments are undocked and moved down to 3 instrument screens but now and again, all instruments disappear until I 'reset' the flight!.

My PC is OK and has 2.8 processor with 2gb ram. I am using Matrox Parhelia for outside views, and 2 low power graphics cards for the instruments.

Any comments would be much appreciated.