I got hooked on F-84 series about 1995. Other than that, been building models since ... about 1948 when I stomped on a paper F-84 when my mom wouldn't help me with putting it together. I also built one of the 72nd balsa-with-plastic nose Thunderjets about 1954 or so. Strombecker maybe? I don't have it now but did get a built one from a fellow modeler who took pity on my tears for having given mine away. Yes, there are other aircraft in my mental data base. I've even modeled a few of them. Cars too. I like cars. Especially ones with one seat and no fenders that go fast around and around. The ones that turn left and right. And, my wife and I like to travel and take photos of other flying things, birds that is, if they happen to get in front of our lenses. I took a model car to our last club meeting. Another member was shocked and asked if I had forgotten about F-84s. Ha!