Hi guys please bear with me if this has already been asked and answered ,basically im about to spend my hard earned money on a visual system update - my choice 24" lcd Monitor or 32" lcd HD tv ?? my question and i'd appreciate any input or pointers to the right section is obviously TV now come in 2 brands HD ready and Full HD - i sorta realise the old addage of going for th highest spec you your budget will allow , but are the pros an cons of the above options ... will HD ready be good enough for my Forward veiw or will Full HD be the better route would like to get the biggest display bang for bucks as it were. have not rulled out the 24" lcd Monitor . Price wise 24" lcd monitor from brand name are typically 150.00 Uk Pounds have seen locally several 32" lcd TV's going for 250.00 HD ready Versions with teh Full HD versions going for 300.00 my current Graphics card is an XFX 8800Gt running in a PC with a quad care Processer and 4 meg of ram ... Cheers Guys by the way this is for my GA based Training Sim to learn to fly on before it all gets moved to my 2DOF Motion platform ( still WIP )