Can anybody help me with my simboards
iI am building a a320 cockpit and am using simboards in the cockpit and have been for 3 years with all the latest offsets update etc especially to a320 overhead project majenta pm systems the librarys in the simboards are out of date so i cannot simply select and use .
As you hover over the switches in pm systems for example the offsets show up
so i have tryed writng in the librarys the offsets but not with much success
so if you could tell me were to get a new updated library or if you could tell me what to do to write the new offsets in to the librarys for the a320 pm systems
if you could tell me how to do it for imput switch
if you could tell me how to do it for output led
i then can do the rest
hope this makes all sense
q1 i have tryed to get information threw the simboards site but no body is answering
mike baker