I built a generic GA cockpit (and my own computer) last Spring, with 3 22" monitors for the cockpit outside view, and 1 22" monitor for the MIP.
A couple weeks ago a fellow simmer answered an old question I had posted about not getting FSX to recognize my full TH2GO screen resolution of 5040 x 1050. The answer turned out to be I had to install the Matrox monitor driver in place of the PnP monitor driver, and I am very grateful for that information. This solved the issue of distortion on the side monitors, and improved quality of scenery. But the fps went to pot.

My question is how to set up monitors so that the cockpit view is on the 3 monitors & the MIP is stationary on the 4th monitor. The configuration that seems to work is to open FSX on monitor 4 in VC mode, add a cockpit view & move (stretch) it to the 3 monitors, & adjust zoom. From researching this forum, I have the impression that I need to create (or alter) an MIP with FS Panel Studio. Then manually adjust settings in fsx.cfg and aircraft.cfg to get the desired behavior. Am I on the right track or is there a better way? I want to get the configuration correct, then I will work on the performance issue.

My system specs are: i7 975 @ 4.0, 6MB DDR3 @ 1600, GTX285 with TH2GO, Win 7 64 bit, FSX, UTX, GEX, FSUIPC4 (registered), TrackIR 5