Hi Guys,

I am considering to use the new version of FS2Phidgets with my 737 TQ, but I donīt know how to calibrate the axises for Throttle 1 and 2.

OK, I have read the manual, which describes a BASIC calibration for the analog inputs, but I guess there should be an option to calibrate an axis in detail (with exact definition of the dead zone, a "negative zone" for reverse thrust and a "positive zone" for normal thrust?

Another question:

With all the FS2Phidgets versions I have downloaded (several builds within version 4), I have the problem that the program either looses the calibration for throttle and flaps from one session to the next (4.3., or does not allow to define flaps positions (stays grey).

Does anyone have a really completely working build of version 4, maybe even with the according version of the phidgets driver?

Thanks a lot!